Bakefils is an exquisite range of oven-baked artisan snacks that are inspired from traditional European recipes. International in every sense, yet, Bakefils Thins and Fingers are strikingly Indian at heart! Entirely grain-based and 100% oven baked, Bakefils is an entirely new take on healthy snacking. They are great just as they are, awesome with a dip or finger-lickingly tasty with a topping.

With Bakefils, we’ve drawn upon our rich legacy in the food industry. Then, taking a cue from classic European recipes, we’ve added our dash of creativity to it. Our distinct flavour blends are a result of extensive curation of flavours and research that follow from our collaborations with renowned chefs.


Above all, we ensure that only the finest locally sourced and imported ingredients are used, because nothing makes us happier than ensuring “The Best for Every Customer, Every Time”!

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